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  • Yuma
    Yuma 6445 views Yuma
    directed by Ted Post

    US Marshall Dave Harmon is sent by the governor to the territory of Yuma. Law is not welcomed there. No marshall has been able to stay in the territory. But Harmon is not like other marshalls. Son after arriving in town, he unavoidably kills the brother of local heavy, Arch King. That's when things get even tougher...
  • White Comanche
    White Comanche 1740 views White Comanche
    directed by Jose Briz Mendez

    WILLIAM SHATNER (Star Trek's Captain Kirk!) plays two roles: cowboy Johnny Moon and his ruthless Indian half-brother, Notah. Notah likes peyote and gets the crazy idea that he's the Comanche messiah sent to lead the Comanche nation against the white man but more specifically the dusty desert town of Rio Hondo. Moon, estranged from his brother, decides to stop Notah either by words or by bullets.
  • Mad Dog Morgan
    Mad Dog Morgan 1978 views Mad Dog Morgan
    directed by Philippe Mora

    *** Dennis Hopper *** The true AMAZING story of Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan, who is wanted, dead or alive, in Australia during the 1850s.
  • Adiós Amigo
    Adiós Amigo 1409 views Adiós Amigo
    directed by Fred Williamson

    *** Richard Pryor *** An African-American man living on the prarie is befriended by a scheming drifter.The cowboy's crimes are blamed on another man.
  • Ride In The Whirlwind
    Ride In The Whirlwind 1797 views Ride In The Whirlwind
    directed by Monte Hellman

    ***Jack Nicholson*** written and plays - Three cowboys, mistaken for members of an outlaw gang, are relentlessly pursued by a posse.
  • The Roarer
    The Roarer 3758 views The Roarer
    directed by Lamont Johnson

    Sergeant Bill Disher, a 20 year cavalry veteran, is driven to the brink of rage when close friend Little Tom is killed in an accident. While grieving over the death of his military comrade, Disher bitterly blames the modernization and expansion of the West as being the cause of Little Tom's fate. While in a drunken rage, Disher burns down Cimarron's funeral parlor. He then later accidentally kills one of Cimarron's prominent citizens. Knowing that the local townspeople want vigilante justice at the end of a rope, Disher escapes from jail. This forces the hand of Marshal Crown to hunt Disher down and fight him to the death. Outstanding performances turned in, by both Stuart Whitman and Richard Boone.
  • Broken Wing
    Broken Wing 1644 views Broken Wing
    directed by Sam Wanamaker

    There is trouble in Cimarron when Jim McQueen, the drunken son of wealthy cattleman Mike McQueen, shoots a local preacher and burns down a livery stable. When the preacher recovers, he refuses to press charges, and McQueen is released from jail. As anger levels rise and the people of Cimarron demand justice, Marshal Crown is faced with the task of having to control the lynch fevered mob.
  • The Train Robbers
    The Train Robbers 2039 views The Train Robbers
    directed by Burt Kennedy

    ** CLASSIC JOHN WAYNE! **A gunhand named Lane is hired by a widow, Mrs. Lowe, to find gold stolen by her husband so that she may return it and start fresh.
  • 40 Guns To Apache Pass
    40 Guns To Apache Pass 2535 views 40 Guns To Apache Pass
    directed by William Witney

    The Apaches are on the warpath and the Army must defend them. Murphys mission is to get a shipment of rifles, but its stolen by greedy white traders with the help of mutinous soldiers.
  • Fighting Caravans
    Fighting Caravans 1795 views Fighting Caravans
    directed by Otto Brower

    *** Gary Cooper *** A young frontier scout helps guide a freight wagon train across the country, fighting off Indians and evil traders, while his two crusty companions try and save him from falling in love.
  • Journey To A Hanging
    Journey To A Hanging 1959 views Journey To A Hanging
    directed by Vincent McEveety

    Crown leads a posse after Ace Coffins gang. The posse is endangered by one of its members known as Screamer who is only interested in the bounty on Coffins head.
  • The Desert Trail
    The Desert Trail 2085 views The Desert Trail
    directed by Lewis D. Collins

    ***John Wayne***Rodeo star John Scott and his gambler friend Kansas Charlie are wrongly accused of armed robbery. They leave town as fast as they can to go looking for their own suspects in Poker City.
  • Marked For Murder
    Marked For Murder 1540 views Marked For Murder
    directed by Elmer Clifton

    *** TEX RITTER *** Rangers Dave and Panhandle arrive and are joined by Lawyer Tex to try and stop the range war between the ranchers and the sheep men. After they jail the ranchers for attacking the sheep men, they are lead away from town by a decoy as the real culprits head for town to kill the ranchers and blame the sheep men.
  • Fistful of Lead
    Fistful of Lead 1844 views Fistful of Lead
    directed by Giuliano Carnimeo

    Sartana, bounty hunter and gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his way into town where he meets with a lot of suspicious stares from the locals. He also meets with Samuel Spencer, who seems to own the company in this company town. The gold shipments are being stolen, so Spencer agrees to hire Sartana to protect the next gold shipment. Numerous dull-witted villains make attempts on Sartanas life, but he survives. Eventually, Sartanas nemesis Sabbath rides into town. With a showdown inevitable, Sartana and Sabbath square off to settle the score.
  • Tall in the Saddle
    Tall in the Saddle 2157 views Tall in the Saddle
    directed by Edwin L. Marin

    *** JOHN WAYNE CLASSIC WESTERN *** When a stranger arrives in a western town he finds that the rancher who sent for him has been murdered. Further, most of the townsfolk seem to be at each others throats, and the newcomer has soon run contrariwise to most of them.
  • Texas Terror
    Texas Terror 1547 views Texas Terror
    directed by Robert N. Bradbury

    *** WESTERNSONLINE CONTINUES THE JONN WAYNE MADNESS *** Sheriff John Higgins quits and goes into prospecting after he thinks he has killed his best friend in shooting it out with robbers. He encounters his dead buddys sister and helps her run her ranch. Then she finds out about his past.
  • Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill
    Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill 1511 views Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill
    directed by Richard L. Bare

    An elderly man leaves Wyoming to visit his daughter in a small Massachusetts town because, even though she didnt say so, he believes she needs his help. When he gets there he discovers that his daughter, a lawyer, is under great stress because of her biggest client, an old geezer who is the wealthiest and most powerful man in town. The girls father decides to make the old man disappear by performing a rain dance he learned from an Indian chief back in Wyoming and lo and behold it starts to rain and the old man does indeed disappear. The local sheriff, however, suspects foul play and arrests the girls father.
  • Stagecoach
    Stagecoach 2091 views Stagecoach
    directed by John Ford

    *** Considered THE BEST WESTERN EVER starring JOHN WAYNE and Directed by JOHN FORD *** A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo and learn something about each other in the process.
  • Fool's Gold
    Fool's Gold 1607 views Fool's Gold
    directed by Herschel Daugherty

    Marshal Crown and his posse thwart a payroll robbery and capture or kill all the entire outlaw gang. The leader is sentenced to ten years in territorial prison, but Crown cant gather enough evidence to charge the youngest member. When the youth decides to stay in Cimarron, the marshal arranges for him to work with an reclusive horse trainer and the youngster takes to both the job and his new boss. His new loyalty is put to the test when the gang leader escapes from jail and returns to Cimarron seeking revenge.
  • The Man from Utah
    The Man from Utah 1418 views The Man from Utah
    directed by Robert N. Bradbury

    *** MORE CLASSIC JOHN WAYNE A' COMIN'! *** Marshal sends John Weston to a rodeo to see if he can find out who is killing the rodeo riders who are about to win the prize money. Barton has organized the rodeo and plans to leave with all the prize money put up by the townspeople. When it appears that Weston will beat Bartons rider, he has his men prepare the same fate for him that befell the other riders.
  • Massacre Time
    Massacre Time 1830 views Massacre Time
    directed by Lucio Fulci

    In 1866 New Mexico, Tom Corbett is a prospector who is called back to his hometown in Laramie Town, Texas at the bequest of a old family friend. Tom arrives in the town to see it under the control of a ruthless and greedy gangster named Jason Scott, whos psychotic and murder crazed son, Junior Scott, runs it with fear with a posse of thugs who kill anyone who protests their business tactics. Tom finds his brother Jeff, a drunkard looked after by their family maid Mercedes. Tom then tries to persuade Jeff to help him take down the sadistic Scotts so the town can rest easy in peace and harmony again.
  • Mohawk
    Mohawk 1869 views Mohawk
    directed by Kurt Neumann

    An artist working in a remote army post is juggling the storekeepers daughter, his fiancee newly arrived from the east, and the Indian Chiefs daughter. But when a vengeful settler manages to get the army and the braves at each others throats his troubles really begin.
  • Northwest Passage
    Northwest Passage 2199 views Northwest Passage
    directed by King Vidor

    Langdon Towne and Hunk Marriner join Major Rogers Rangers as they wipe out an Indian village. They set out for Fort Wentworth, but when they arrive they find no soldiers and none of the supplies they expected.
  • Under California Stars
    Under California Stars 1568 views Under California Stars
    directed by William Witney

    Rancher Roy and his boys track down a gang who have stolen Trigger and are holding him for ransom.

    Roy has just finished his latest film and leaves for his ranch where he will be broadcasting a show celebrating his tenth year in movies. When Roy and Trigger arrive at his ranch he finds Cookie has hired his relatives. Caroline, the only relative that doesn't have a strong resemblance to Cookie, is the horse trainer. Bob Tells Roy a gang of men are hunting range horses. Roy puts a stop to hunting on his land. Pop decides there's money in kidnapping Trigger and demands a $100,000 ransom. McFarland's stepson, Ted, and his dog Tramp, run away and is found hiding in Roy's barn. A trap is set to catch the kidnappers ranch.
  • The Blue Moon Train
    The Blue Moon Train 1523 views The Blue Moon Train
    directed by Gerald Mayer

    When a ruthless prison con comes to Cimarron, he's got more on his mind than just sweeping the floors of the Wayfarers Inn. Knowing that a prison train loaded with convicts will be going through an abandoned ghost town outside of Cimarron, A-1 Joe Lehigh devises a plan to free his prison buddies. After kidnapping Francis and holding him as a hostage, Joe swears to kill the young man unless Crown releases the outlaw's former gang. Realizing that Francis has been shot and that he is slowly bleeding, Crown faces insurmountable odds when he must both find Francis and stop A-1 Joe from freeing his gang. A great sinister performance by Broderick Crawford.