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  • Jason and the Argonauts
    Jason and the Argonauts 2903 views Jason and the Argonauts
    directed by Don Chaffey

    *** WONDERFULL Classic Color ADVENTURE!~ *** The legendary Greek hero leads a team of intrepid adventurers in a perilous quest for the legendary Golden Fleece.
  • Fire Monsters Against The Son of Hercules
    Fire Monsters Against The Son of Herc... 2359 views Fire Monsters Against The Son of Hercules
    directed by Guido Malatesta

    The Sun worshipers and the Moon worshipers are two tribes, Maxxus must deal with. After saving the leader of the Sun tribe from a sea monster, he must save the women who have been kidnapped by the Moon tribe.
  • Invasion of the Bee Girls
    Invasion of the Bee Girls 3064 views Invasion of the Bee Girls
    directed by Denis Sanders

    A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually.
  • Wasp Woman
    Wasp Woman 1624 views Wasp Woman
    directed by Roger Corman

    A cosmetics queen develops a youth formula from jelly taken from queen wasps. She fails to anticipate the typical hoary side- effects.
  • Human Gorilla
    Human Gorilla 1411 views Human Gorilla
    directed by Budd Boetticher

    A well-known judge has become a fugitive from the police, with a large reward on his head.
  • The Magic Sword
    The Magic Sword 2054 views The Magic Sword
    directed by Bert I. Gordon

    The son of a sorceress, armed with weapons, armour and six magically summoned knights, goes on a quest to save a princess from a vengeful wizard.
  • Lost World
    Lost World 2373 views Lost World
    directed by Harry O. Hoyt

    The original film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel. No one in London believes what Professor Challenger says -- that there is a place where dinosaurs still roam the earth. To prove he is right, he leads a party into an uncharted part of the Amazon where they do, in fact, find dinosaurs. The group then decides to capture a brontosaurus and bring it back to London. Once in the city, however, the dinosaur escapes and wreaks havoc.
  • Blood of Jesus
    Blood of Jesus 1372 views Blood of Jesus
    directed by Spencer Williams

    In the rural south, a Christian woman is accidentally wounded by her athiest husband. When she dies from her injuries, a good angel bids her to journey with him to the Crossroads of Life. But before she can travel far, the devil lures her with temptations. What will come of her -- and her family left behind?
  • Faust
    Faust 2088 views Faust
    directed by F.W. Murnau

    German alchemist Faust is the object of a wager between God and Satan. Satan sends Mephisto to Earth to offer Faust an end to the plague that is making it's way through the local population, and eternal youth, in return for the small price of his soul. German with English subtitles.
  • Angel On My Shoulder
    Angel On My Shoulder 1184 views Angel On My Shoulder
    directed by Archie Mayo

    Gangster Eddie Kagel is killed and goes to Hell. Nick/The Devil offers to transfer his soul to a judge's body. Eddie agrees, so he can avenge himself on his killer. But to Nick's dismay things don't go as we wants. Eddie falls in love with the judge's fiancée and Nick's planned revenge fails.
  • Le Voyage Dans La Lune
    Le Voyage Dans La Lune 1598 views Le Voyage Dans La Lune
    directed by Georges Méliès

    The Voyage to the Moon. Narrated in English. This short 1902 film follows a group of astronomers on a trip to the moon.
  • Beyond Tomorrow
    Beyond Tomorrow 1230 views Beyond Tomorrow
    directed by A. Edward Sutherland

    Engineering firm partnets Melton, Chadwick and O'Brien invite two young strangers to dinner on Christmas Eve. The two, James and Jean, fall in love. When the three friends are then killed in a plane crash, they come back to their old home as ghosts to help the young couple get through some rough patches in their relationship.
  • Hercules Against the Moon Men
    Hercules Against the Moon Men 1640 views Hercules Against the Moon Men
    directed by Giacomo Gentilomo

    Evil aliens land in ancient Greece. They terrorize the nearby city of Samar, demanding children for sacrifice until the queen of Samar makes a pact with the aliens to conquer the world so she can become the most powerful woman alive. Then the mighty Hercules shows up to put a stop to it all.
  • Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
    Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon 1557 views Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
    directed by Domenico Paolella

    Hercules fights to free the people of Babylon from an evil sorceress and rescue the beautiful Queen of the Hellenes, who has been kidnapped and enslaved by the ruler of Babylon
  • Hercules Unchained
    Hercules Unchained 1272 views Hercules Unchained
    directed by Pietro Francisci

    En route to Thebes for an important diplomatic mission to negotiating peace between two brothers contesting the throne of Thebes, Hercules drinks from a magic spring and loses his memory and his seduced by Queen Omphale of Lydia. While young Ulysses tries to help him regain his memory, political tensions escalate in Thebes, and Hercules' new wife finds herself in mortal danger.