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  • The Team
    The Team 3944 views The Team
    directed by James Marsh

    A cinema verite documentary about the homeless soccer team from New York City who travel and compete at the 1st Annual Homeless Soccer World Cup in Graz, Austria in July 2003.
  • No Substitute for Victory
    No Substitute for Victory 3319 views No Substitute for Victory
    directed by Robert F. Slatzer

    *** GREAT NAM DOCU - HOST: JOHN WAYNE *** The Communist threat and its zenith in Vietnam, is the focus of this video, hosted by John Wayne, with interviews of Lowell Thomas and Sgt. Barry Sadler.
  • The Real Bruce Lee
    The Real Bruce Lee 1997 views The Real Bruce Lee
    directed by Larry Dolgin

    He's back. We positively guarantee the Real Bruce Lee. An early Bruce Lee film found in the Chinese archives...
  • The Legend of Marilyn Monroe
    The Legend of Marilyn Monroe 1839 views The Legend of Marilyn Monroe
    directed by Terry Sanders

    A documentary about the life and career of the ultimate all-time sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, narrated by director John Huston (who worked with her on "The Misfits"). Included are interviews with friends, cast and crew who worked with her and others who knew her, clips from her films and some scenes that were cut from her earliest movies and not seen for many years.
  • Muhammad Ali - The Greatest
    Muhammad Ali - The Greatest 1483 views Muhammad Ali - The Greatest
    directed by William Klein

    A documentary about the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.
  • The Conquest of Everest
    The Conquest of Everest 1423 views The Conquest of Everest
    directed by George Lowe

    Sir Edmund Hillary's conquest of the highest mountain on earth.
  • Charles Manson Then and Now
    Charles Manson Then and Now 2560 views Charles Manson Then and Now
    directed by Ray Atherton

    Tracing America's morbid fascination with the infamous sociopath,jailed in 1970 after members of his cult "family" went on a murder spree..
  • The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield
    The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield 5672 views The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield
    directed by Charles Brown

    Jayne takes us on a review of her last world tour visiting Paris and Rome..
  • Anytown, USA
    Anytown, USA 1571 views Anytown, USA
    directed by Kristian Fraga

    A funny and eye-opening look into a hard-fought mayoral race in the small town of Bogota, New Jersey—the perfect backdrop for a behind-the-scenes look at our nations political heart.
  • Manila Open City
    Manila Open City 1622 views Manila Open City
    directed by Eddie Romero

    Manila has been seized, by Japanese soldiers and its up to the Americans to liberate the helpless people in the city, as well free over two thousand P.O.W.S. Shot entirely on location, this film depicts some of the most violent footage of mock war ever captured on film.
  • The Fort Fisher Hermit
    The Fort Fisher Hermit 1542 views The Fort Fisher Hermit
    directed by Rob Hill

    Robert E. Harrill, The Fort Fisher Hermit, spent 17 years under the stars and scrub oaks of Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Surviving off the land and the contributions from thousands of visitors, the Fort Fisher Hermit became one of the areas largest tourist attractions. But Robert's new life wasn't as idyllic as he made it out to be, and his untimely death is marked by mystery and controversy. This film examines the reasons that led him to become a hermit, his growing popularity, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death.
  • A Summer In The Cage
    A Summer In The Cage 1422 views A Summer In The Cage
    directed by Ben Selkow

    A SUMMER IN THE CAGE is filmmaker Ben Selkow's feature-length documentary chronicling his friend Sam's battle with manic-depressive illness, also known as bipolar disorder. The film follows Sam for seven years as he suffers delusional manic episodes, battles paralyzing depressions, and tries to escape the legacy of his father.
  • What's Your Point, Honey?
    What's Your Point, Honey? 1393 views What's Your Point, Honey?
    directed by Amy Sewell

    A documentary that puts a new face on political leadership by introducing seven possible contenders coming down the pipeline, while revealing inequalities that still exist today.
  • Brother Born Again
    Brother Born Again 1406 views Brother Born Again
    directed by Julia Pimseleur

    An intimate documentary about Julia Pimsleur's attempt to reconnect with her only brother, Marc, a born again Christian who spent ten years living with his spiritual family on a remote island in Alaska.
  • The Watershed
    The Watershed 1306 views The Watershed
    directed by Mary Trunk

    Faced with extraordinary trauma of losing both parents to alcoholism and divorce, seven siblings form a unique family structure. The Watershed is a moving documentary of survival and forgiveness that shows how tragedy can have transforming effects on individual identity.
  • Electric Purgatory
    Electric Purgatory 1321 views Electric Purgatory
    directed by Raymond Gayle

    A documentary that examines the struggles of black rock musicians and the industry's ambivalence towards them.
  • Stranded in Canton
    Stranded in Canton 1583 views Stranded in Canton
    directed by William J. Eggleston

    In 1973, photographer William Eggleston picked up a Sony PortaPak and took to documenting the soul of Memphis and New Orleans.
  • Google Me
    Google Me 2011 views Google Me
    directed by Jim Killeen

    A documentary about a guy, Jim Killeen, who Googled himself and then went all over the world meeting others with his name.
  • We Are Wizards
    We Are Wizards 1264 views We Are Wizards
    directed by Josh Koury

    This magical documentary looks at Harry Potter fans and the musical acts inspired by the novels.
  • The Jackie Robinson Story
    The Jackie Robinson Story 1318 views The Jackie Robinson Story
    directed by Alfred Green

    Biography of Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player in the 20th century.
  • Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 1758 views Thunderbolt
    directed by Wiliam Wyler

    A documentary on the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft and its use in missions over Europe and the Pacific Theatre in the Second World War.
  • When the Earth Cracks
    When the Earth Cracks 1692 views When the Earth Cracks
    directed by Marc Berlin

    Documentary about what happens when a major earthquake hits the San Francisco area.
  • The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler
    The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler 12964 views The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler
    directed by Westbrook van Voorhis

    1950's television documentary special that includes interviews with Hitler's sister Paula Wolf and a fellow prisoner who was incarcerated with Hitler, actual footage shot by the Nazi's and Eva Braun's rare home movies.
  • The Battle of Midway
    The Battle of Midway 3015 views The Battle of Midway
    directed by John Ford

    On June 4-6, 1942, a large Japanese force attempted to capture Midway Island in the North Pacific, but was defeated by U.S. forces with a loss ratio of 4:1 in favor of the Americans. On hand was a crew of naval photographers directed by John Ford; their documentary footage was edited together with narration by Hollywood actors. The film covers the attack on Midway, some limited aerial footage, the search for survivors, and aftermath of the battleThis film is in the Public Domain
  • The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
    The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flyin... 3852 views The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
    directed by William Wyler

    Documentary about the 25th and last bombing mission of a B17, the "Memphis Belle". The "Memphis Belle" took part in a great bombing raid on sub-pens in Wilhelmshafen, Germany. On their way they encounterd heavy AA fire and interceptors.The film is in the Public Domain