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  • Doll Face
    Doll Face 5380 views Doll Face
    directed by Lewis Seiler

    Burlesque queen Doll Face Carroll is dismissed from an audition for a legitimate Broadway show because she lacks culture. Her boss/manager Mike decides that she can get both culture and plenty of publicity by writing her autobiography. He hires a ghost writer to do all the work, but doesn't count on the possibility that Doll Face and her collaborator might have more than a book on their minds
  • Suits
    Suits 4328 views Suits
    directed by Eric Weber

    SUITS is a colorful comedy that covers a war between suits and creatives, as two ad agencies compete for a major account.
  • Royal Flash
    Royal Flash 2418 views Royal Flash
    directed by Richard Lester

    A charming British comedy, from those that inspired "The King's Speech". Never-do-well Harry Flashman is coerced by Otto von Bismark into impersonating a prince.
  • Easy Living
    Easy Living 1808 views Easy Living
    directed by Mitchell Leisen

    J.B. Ball, a rich financier, gets fed up with his free-spending family. He takes his wife's just-bought (very expensive) sable coat and throws it out the window, it lands on poor hard-working girl Mary Smith. But it isn't so easy to just give away something so valuable, as he soon learns.
  • Home Town Story
    Home Town Story 2266 views Home Town Story
    directed by Arthur Pierson

    *** MARILYN MONROE *** Blake Washburn blames manufacturer MacFarland for his defeat in the race for re election to the state legislature. He takes over his uncles newspaper to take on big business as an enemy of the people. Miss Martin works in the Herald newspaper office. When tragedy strikes, Blake must re examine his views.
  • Moulin Rouge
    Moulin Rouge 2005 views Moulin Rouge
    directed by John Huston

    Before Kidman and McGregor there was Zsa Zsa Gabor!!! Henri de Toulouse Lautrec frequently visits the Moulin Rouge, where he drinks cognac and draws sketches of the dancers and singers. Though the son of a French count, Henris legs were badly deformed by a childhood fall, and his personal life is often unhappy as a result. While he is going home one night, a spirited young woman of the streets, Marie, asks him for help. He falls in love with her, and the two become involved in a tumultuous relationship. It becomes increasingly difficult for Toulouse Lautrec to balance his personal feelings, his artistic abilities, and his family name and position.
  • Tillie's Punctured Romance
    Tillie's Punctured Romance 1480 views Tillie's Punctured Romance
    directed by Mack Sennett

    Charlie convinces wealthy farmer's daughter Tillie to elope with him. They run away, Tillie gets drunk and lands in jail. Charlie runs off with Tillie's father's money and his old girlfriend Mabel. When Charlie reads that Tillie has inherited the estate of her multi-millionaire uncle, he dumps Mabel and talks Tillie into moving into her uncle's villa, while Mabel arranges to become his maid. The uncle, who has not died, summons the police.
  • One A.M.
    One A.M. 6273 views One A.M.
    directed by Charles Chaplin

    After a night out drinking, Charlie comes home drunk. Unable to find his key, for the next twenty minutes he staggers about in an inebriated confrontation with... well, the house!
  • My Son, the Vampire
    My Son, the Vampire 1523 views My Son, the Vampire
    directed by John Gilling

    The mysterious Vampire comes to England to complete experiments in his mad bid to gain control of the world. When his radar-controlled robot is accidentally delivered instead to Mother Riley, the Vampire, through radar control, has the Robot transport itself as well as Mother Riley to the proper destination. The old lady goes into a whirl of hilarious action in an effort to ruin his evil plans.
  • The Dentist
    The Dentist 1980 views The Dentist
    directed by Leslie Pearce

    An unconventional dentist deals with his patients in some very unusual ways. He wrestles one woman all over the office during an extraction. Then another patient has such a heavy beard that he can't find the man's mouth. The zaniest dentist's office you've ever seen.
  • Where There's A Will
    Where There's A Will 1702 views Where There's A Will
    directed by William Beaudine

    An bumbling solicitor unwittingly becomes involved in a bank robbery.
  • Killer Diller
    Killer Diller 1914 views Killer Diller
    directed by Josh Binney

    Variety show type film featuring performances by African-American singers and dancers.
  • Beware
    Beware 1476 views Beware
    directed by Bud Pollard

    Ware College is a small Black college in Ware, Ohio. Once prominent, it is now low in attendance, low in enrollment and low on money and at a meeting with instructors Drury and Annabelle Brown, Dean Hargreaves reveals that CEO Benjamin Ware III, grandson of the colleges founder, claims the estate of his late grandfather is now also destitute, which they believe is untrue and a result of Annabelles having spurned his affections. They decide to appeal to their famous alumni for financial help thru a reunion, and invitations are sent. Many could help but surely not Lucius Jordan, a timid lad who loved Annabelle too but dropped out under pressure from Ware. What they dont know is, he is now Louis Jordan, king of swing and leader of the Tympani Band. By accident, Jordan and his bands train is sidelined in Ware for repairs and when he learns of the colleges plight, he agrees to pitch in.
  • Jivin' in Be-Bop
    Jivin' in Be-Bop 1563 views Jivin' in Be-Bop
    directed by Leonard Anderson

    *** DIZZY GILLESPIE *** A live performance concert film of the Jazz Great, Dizzy Gillespie and his Band, in combination with numerous other great performers. A must see for any Jazz enthusiast.
  • Reaching for the Moon
    Reaching for the Moon 1435 views Reaching for the Moon
    directed by Edmund Goulding

    *** Douglas Fairbanks *** Wall Street wizard, Larry Day, new to the ways of love, is coached by his valet. He follows Vivian Benton on an ocean liner, where cocktails, laced with a love potion, work their magic. He then loses his fortune in the market crash and feels he has also lost his girl...
  • Carry On Regardless
    Carry On Regardless 2235 views Carry On Regardless
    directed by Gerald Thomas

    The Helping Hands agency employs some very strange people to perform some very strange jobs. Even the simplest of tasks get bungled by the incompetent but lovable staff, as they get given jobs ranging from taking animals for walks, no ordinary animals you understand, to demonstrating new products at a large and prestigious exhibition.
  • Pool Party
    Pool Party 2313 views Pool Party
    directed by Timothy M. Snell

    Admit it - we like pool party movies, even if the plot might not be the most amazing thrilling/comedy. But with an avalanche of beautiful girls in bikini, we can free an hour and a half and laugh a bit.To put the plot simply: It's your standard-guy-fails-bar-exam-loses-girlfriend-works-for-a-lunatic-and-is-stalked-by-a-monkey-clown story ...
  • Nobody Knows Anything
    Nobody Knows Anything 2589 views Nobody Knows Anything
    directed by William Tannen

    *** BEST MULTIPLE CAMEOS IN ONE MOVIE *** With MIKE MYERS and BEN STILLER and KRISTEN JOHNSTON and TIM MEADOWS and JANEANE GAROFALO and many more, Not to mention The BLACK EYED PEAS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK FROM THEIR EARLY STUDIOS!!! - Plot: Making a movie in Hollywood looked easy, especially when you're a sexy aspiring film maker. Sarah Wilder arrives in Hollywood ready to start her career by making her first picture. Sarah's only contact is her Uncle Lou who was a screenwriter in the old days of the studio system. With his guidance and connections, she embarks on a wild journey into the world of Hollywood, where she encounters crazy studio executives, insane producers, and a gangster who agrees to finance her film ... for a price.
  • My X-Girlfriends Wedding Reception
    My X-Girlfriends Wedding Reception 2200 views My X-Girlfriends Wedding Reception
    directed by Martin Guigui

    This humorously critical look at marriage takes place at the the big, zany wedding of Lisa Weinstein (Deborah "Debbie" Gibson) and Bobby Benigni (Joey Scherr). Choosing to be painfully honest rather than sentimental about the special day, MY X-GIRLFRIEND'S WEDDING RECEPTION focuses on the love triangle between the bride, the groom, and the bride's ex-boyfriend (Mo Gaffney), a member of the wedding band. Also starring Dom DeLuise as the priest, Father O'rdeal, this comedy features a surprisingly assured performance from former 1980s pop princess Gibson.The cast of the movie includes U.S. representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont, America's only independent congressman; also members of the band Phish, like Jon Fishman, who plays Ginger the "transvestite" drummer.

    From the reviews: "My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception" is a very, very funny filmwith many "laugh out loud" moments. It has a "slice of life" aspect in the way it was shot. Fellini-esque at moments, it follows the love triangle between the Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor and the leader of the band, who is the ex-boyfriend of the bride. The entire picture takes place at one receptionand gives you a peak into the lives of the Jewish-Italian families and their guests. You get a feeling you know all these people or have bumped into them before. Great inside humor for musicians and those who ever worked in the "wedding business." I particularly thought the character of "Vic", thesingle guy at the bar, who tries to pick up every girl he meets was hilarious. Deborah Gibson does a good job and is scarily convincing as a Jewish American Princess in her big screen debut. You'll love the sense of humor in this little film regardless of your heritage. It's too bad it hasn't gottena wider release, as it certainly deserves it. I'd see it, before you get married.
  • Sorority Girls' Revenge
    Sorority Girls' Revenge 4591 views Sorority Girls' Revenge
    directed by Keith Warn

    Lem and Custer, two peeping toms spying on a gaggle of sorority girls, learn the error of their ways when they're caught in the act. The girls take the men prisoner, vowing revenge, hi-jinks naturally follow, and, in the proud tradition of the teen sex romps of the 1970s and '80s, culminate in a scantily-clad pillow fight.
  • Carry on Cruising
    Carry on Cruising 2017 views Carry on Cruising
    directed by Gerald Thomas

    ** Before "Love Boat" the Brits had the "Carry On" crew in a luxury laughter cruise! **Captain Crowthers lot is not a happy one. Five of his crew have to be replaced and at such short notice before the voyage begins there isnt much to choose from. Not only does he get the five most incompetent shipmates ever to sail the seven seas, but the passengers turn out to be a rather strange bunch too. The SS Happy Wanderer will never be the same.
  • Falling Angels
    Falling Angels 2293 views Falling Angels
    directed by Scott Smith

    This hilarious dark comedy set in the 1960s follows the dysfunctional Field family as their 3 teenage daughters each choose their own path of rebellion—sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Winner - Best Director - Director's Guild of Canada.
  • Escape from Death Row
    Escape from Death Row 1531 views Escape from Death Row
    directed by Michele Lupo

    *** Lee Van Cleef *** This is a buddy film with a small-time thug, Victor Lobianco, meeting a high-profile gangster, Lee Van Cleef, while in prison. The pair team up to attempt a prison breakout.
  • Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas
    Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas 1679 views Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas
    directed by Lou Tedesco

    *** Another X-MAS CLASSIC WITH JACK ELAM *** Jack Elam is an old crotchety grouch. A nauseatingly perky blonde tries to cheer him up and get him into the holiday spirit, by having him look into a crystal ball, where he sees all these musical groups perform their holiday songs. Does he end up getting into the holiday spirit.
  • The Ambassador's Daughter
    The Ambassador's Daughter 1783 views The Ambassador's Daughter
    directed by Norman Krasna

    *** ONE GREAT CLASSIC COMEDY with OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND and JOHN FORSYTHE *** Joan Fisk, daughter of the American ambassador to France, is bored with entertaining the wives of visiting VIPs and decides to conduct an experiment. She accepts a date with an American G.I. and tries to prove to her father and his friends that not all soldiers are wolves. But by the end of their first date, when wine, music and the young mans charms have swept her off her feet, she realizes that she may have won more than the bet.