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Action & Adventure

  • The Iron Crown
    The Iron Crown 5179 views The Iron Crown
    directed by Alessandro Blasetti

    Cruel King fights Tarzan-like Hero
  • Satan's Sadists
    Satan's Sadists 7319 views Satan's Sadists
    directed by Al Adamson

    MOTORCYCLE MANIACS on a wild spree!
  • Mean Mother
    Mean Mother 4330 views Mean Mother
    directed by Al Adamson

    AL ADAMSON Cult Classic! Sexy Mama strips to seduce Mob Henchmen
  • Sea Devils
    Sea Devils 1827 views Sea Devils
    directed by Juan Piquer Simón

    A slave hunter attacks a ship on sea in which six girls are on their way to Australia. They succeed in escaping and are being picked up by a whaler.
  • Kong Island
    Kong Island 2241 views Kong Island
    directed by Roberto Mauri

    A group of mad scientists travel to Kong Island where they implant receptors into the brains of gorillas planning to create a gorilla war for world domination. Out to break a few heads is a descendant of King Kong.
  • Soldier Blue
    Soldier Blue 2433 views Soldier Blue
    directed by Ralph Nelson

    *** AWESOME ADVENTURE with CANDICE BERGEN, PETER STRAUSS and DONALD PLEASENCE *** After a cavalry group is massacred by the Cheyenne, only two survivors remain, Honus, a naive private devoted to his duty, and Cresta, a young woman who had lived with the Cheyenne two years and whose sympathies lie more with them than with the US government. Together, they must try to reach the cavalrys main base camp. As they travel onward, Honus is torn between his growing affection for Cresta, and his disgust for her anti-American beliefs. They reach the cavalry campsite on the eve of an attack on a Cheyenne village, where Honus will learn which side has really been telling him the truth.
  • The Thief of Bagdad
    The Thief of Bagdad 2795 views The Thief of Bagdad
    directed by Ludwig Berger

    Epic movie from One Thousand and One Nights codes. Prince Ahmad is the rightful King of Bagdad but he has been blinded and cast out as a beggar. Now a captive of the wicked Grand Vizier Jaffar he is cast into a dungeon where he meets Abu, the best thief in all Bagdad. Together they escape and set about a series of adventures that involve a Djinni in a bottle, a mechanical flying horse, an all-seeing magic jewel, a flying carpet and a beautiful princess.
  • Yuma
    Yuma 6424 views Yuma
    directed by Ted Post

    US Marshall Dave Harmon is sent by the governor to the territory of Yuma. Law is not welcomed there. No marshall has been able to stay in the territory. But Harmon is not like other marshalls. Son after arriving in town, he unavoidably kills the brother of local heavy, Arch King. That's when things get even tougher...
  • Tarzan and His Mate
    Tarzan and His Mate 2325 views Tarzan and His Mate
    directed by Cedric Gibbons

    *** JUST ONE ORIGINAL TARZAN - WEISSMULLER!!! *** In the first sequel to Tarzan, the Ape Man, Harry Holt returns to Africa to head up a large ivory expedition. This time he brings his womanizing friend Marlin Arlington. Holt also harbors ideas about convincing Jane to return to London. When Holt and Arlington show Jane some of the modern clothes and perfumes they brought from civilization, she is impressed but not enough to return. Tarzan wrestles every wild animal imaginable to protect Jane but when he disallows the expedition from plundering ivory from the elephant burial grounds, it is he who takes a bullet from Arlingtons gun. Jane eventually believes that Tarzan is dead but he is nursed back to health by the apes. As Jane and the returning expedition are attacked by violent natives, we wonder if Tarzan can rescue them yet again.
  • Tarzan's New York Adventure
    Tarzan's New York Adventure 1779 views Tarzan's New York Adventure
    directed by Richard Thorpe

    Circus owner Buck Rand kidnaps Boy to perform in his show. He forces a pilot to fly him, Boy and his animal trainer out of the jungle. Tarzan and Jane follow them to New York. At a trial over custody of Boy, Tarzan becomes violent and is jailed. With the help of the pilots girlfriend Tarzan, who has since escaped, diving off the Brooklyn Bridge, finds the circus. He and the circus elephants complete the classic rescue.
  • She Gods of Shark Reef
    She Gods of Shark Reef 3200 views She Gods of Shark Reef
    directed by Roger Corman

    Two brothers, one wanted for murder, are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by nubile young women who have amassed a valuable cache of pearls.
  • Return To Treasure Island (Long John Silver)
    Return To Treasure Island (Long John ... 2774 views Return To Treasure Island (Long John Silver)
    directed by Byron Haskin

    In this sequel to Treasure Island, Long John hopes to rescue his friend Jim from a rival pirate and return for more treasure.
  • The Sword Of Lancelot
    The Sword Of Lancelot 2335 views The Sword Of Lancelot
    directed by Cornel Wilde

    This was the loving...battling...lusty age of King Arthur...the Knights of the Round Table...the fabulous age of Camelot.A secret love affair between Lancelot and King Arthur's wife Guinevere, becomes known, and eventually leads to a devastating war.
  • Gammera the Invincible
    Gammera the Invincible 2398 views Gammera the Invincible
    directed by Sandy Howard

    An atomic explosion awakens Gammera, a giant, fire breathing turtle monster, from his millions of years of hibernation. Enraged at being roused from such a sound sleep, he takes it out on Tokyo.
  • Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World
    Samson and the Seven Miracles of the ... 2936 views Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World
    directed by Riccardo Freda

    Sam must rescue a beautiful Chinese princess from a marauding horde of warriors.
  • Behind Enemy Lines (Attack Force 'Nam)
    Behind Enemy Lines (Attack Force 'Nam) 2900 views Behind Enemy Lines (Attack Force 'Nam)
    directed by Gideon Amir

    "Carradine as Norris and Steve James as Rambo".Col. Carradine leads a group of American P.O.W.s, battling their way to freedom as Saigon falls to the Viet Cong.

    A true vintage Vietnam war movie, like they used to do!
  • Bail Out
    Bail Out 1856 views Bail Out
    directed by Max Kleven

    A trio of hapless bounty hunters are recruited by a shady bail bondsman to try to keep a witness in drug trial alive to testify.A Sleazy bail bondsman thinks he has finally gotten his big break when a millionaire heiress is arrested in a drug bust. If she shows up in court, it means a million dollars to him. If she doesn't, he is ruined. When the situation gets out of control, he hires a playboy bounty hunter to keep an eye on his investment. But who will keep an eye on him?
  • The Castle of Fu Manchu
    The Castle of Fu Manchu 1587 views The Castle of Fu Manchu
    directed by Jesus Franco

    An evil Chinese mastermind plots to freeze the Earth's oceans. Opposing him is his arch-nemesis,Interpol's very British Dr. Nayland Smith.Fun Trivia:
    All of the footage at the beginning of the movie featuring a large ocean liner striking an iceberg and sinking is all stock footage from the famed 1958, British Titanic film, A Night to Remember (1958)
  • Uranium Conspiracy
    Uranium Conspiracy 1830 views Uranium Conspiracy
    directed by Gianfranco Baldanello

    A secret agent and a mercenary make up an unlikely team trying to stop a shipment of uranium from falling into enemy hands.
  • High Risk
    High Risk 1563 views High Risk
    directed by Stewart Raffill

    ** All-Star Classic Cast ** American friends, badly needing money, decide to make a commando like raid into a South American country and steal 5 million Dollars from the hacienda of an American born drug dealer who lives there. The four Americans then succeed rather easily in stealing the money, but soon run into trouble trying to get back out of the country, as both the drug dealer and a small army of bandits each hunt them down trying to get the money back.
  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth
    Journey To The Center Of The Earth 2256 views Journey To The Center Of The Earth
    directed by Juan Piquer Simon

    Based on the famous novel by Jules Verne. Four persons try to get to the centre of the world by entering into a world of caves by a volcano. On their way they discover among other things also prehistoric animals like some dinosaurs.
  • Gold
    Gold 2278 views Gold
    directed by Peter R. Hunt

    *** Roger Moore Classic *** Rod Slater is the newly appointed general manager of the Sonderditch gold mine, but he stumbles across an ingenious plot to flood the mine, by drilling into an underground lake, so the unscrupulous owners to make a killing in the international gold market.
  • Mad Dog Morgan
    Mad Dog Morgan 1961 views Mad Dog Morgan
    directed by Philippe Mora

    *** Dennis Hopper *** The true AMAZING story of Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan, who is wanted, dead or alive, in Australia during the 1850s.
  • Dinosaurus
    Dinosaurus 1723 views Dinosaurus
    directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

    *** DINO-MADNESS IN CLASSIC COLOR *** After undersea explosions near a Caribbean island, prehistoric creatures are unleashed on the unsuspecting population. Freed from his watery tomb, as well, is a very friendly Neanderthal man who proceeds to befriend a local orphan boy. The boy, Neanderthal and irritated dinosaur make for an interesting dramatic climax.
  • The Last of the Mohicans
    The Last of the Mohicans 2200 views The Last of the Mohicans
    directed by George B. Seitz

    In the year 1756,Fort William Henry on Lake George is under siege by the French and Hurons under General Montcalm..James Fenimore Cooper's greatest tale of rousing adventure..